Reducing costs and increase business continuity in Critical Environments

In critical environments, business continuity is essential. The costs to your business and the damage to your reputation for business downtime can be exorbitant.

According to a survey of 1,000 Australian IT professionals by Wakefield Research, the average revenue loss during business-critical outages was $144,062.52 per hour for larger organisations. For smaller organisations (those with fewer than 20,000 employees), the figure was more than $2,000 per hour. Source

With such high-cost considerations, businesses with critical environments need to actively plan and manage their building services and construction to ensure business continuity and redundancy.

Here are some important things to consider for your building services and construction in a critical environment to reduce downtime and expenses:

1. Regular Maintenance:

Consistent service and maintenance are crucial to mitigate anticipated breakdowns or failures.

2. Emergency Response:

Partnering with a responsive emergency service provider is essential. Robert Mann, for example, boasts a commendable 90% success rate in resolving issues on the first attempt.

3. Thorough Construction Planning:

Meticulous scoping and planning are prerequisites for successful construction projects in critical environments; opt for a construction partner experienced in methodical project management, inhouse engineering and precise project delivery.

Reducing costs and increase business continuity in Critical Environments / Robert Mann

4. Streamlined Construction Coordination:

Optimise efficiency by selecting a partner who has experience and knowledge in managing multiple trades through a single point of contact. This minimises confusion on-site, centralises decision-making, and eliminates accountability issues.

5. Construction in a critical environment:

Opting for a specialised partner is prudent to reduce operational disruptions. Robert Mann, with its impeccable track record of achieving 0% downtime across numerous critical environment projects, exemplifies this expertise.

The financial and reputational implications, meticulous planning, proactive measures, and effective management are pivotal to sustaining optimal building services and minimising business downtime.

With such a high cost to business and reputation, planning, prevention, and management are key to keeping building services running optimally and reducing business downtime.

Having completed more than 2,500 projects in critical environments, Robert Mann, are experts at executing complex projects and maintaining building services in sophisticated and high-stakes environments. We give you multiple trades through one point of contact, detailed precise project management and design, reliable maintenance and rapid response service with a focus on first-time fixes.

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Reducing costs and increase business continuity in Critical Environments / Robert Mann