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Mechanical Services Fitout


Large Australian Art Gallery


Coordinating Mechanical Fit Out with Builder on site

The Art Gallery faced the challenge of coordinating the Mechanical Fit Out project with the builder on site. The objective was to ensure the seamless installation of ductwork and diffusers in conjunction with the new ceilings and other services being installed. Close coordination and effective communication were essential to synchronise the mechanical services fit out with the overall construction schedule.


Successful Mechanical Fit Out with coordinated installation.

Robert Mann, as the mechanical sub-contractor, successfully executed the Mechanical Fit Out for the Art Gallery. The project involved meticulous design coordination and mechanical services implementation. By closely collaborating with the on-site builder, the installation of ductwork and diffusers was carefully synchronised with the construction of new ceilings and other services. The outcome was a successful mechanical fit out that seamlessly integrated with the overall project, ensuring a harmonious and functional environment for the new exhibition at the gallery.