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Critical Infrastructure Project: Telephone & Data Facility


Telephone & Data Facility – Victoria


Robert Mann was entrusted by the Client to oversee the design coordination and building services for the supply and installation of a 2,000kW emergency power generator at their facility in Victoria. The primary challenge was to execute the project without disrupting the site’s 24-hour operations, necessitating meticulous project management and careful planning to ensure uninterrupted business continuity.


Through strategic project management and meticulous coordination, Robert Mann successfully executed the supply and installation of the 2,000kW emergency power generator.

Despite the critical nature of the works, the site and Data Centre operations remained unaffected throughout the entire process, allowing for seamless business continuity. The successful completion of the project ensures that the facility is equipped to handle emergency power requirements efficiently and reliably, enhancing its overall resilience and ensuring uninterrupted services for its clients.