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Critical Infrastructure Project: Telephone & Data Facility

New Plant Room & Chiller Upgrade


Telephone & Data Facility – VIC


Minimising on-site disruption during very complex and comprehensive EPG Upgrade

The Client faced the challenge of minimising on-site disruption while undergoing the EPG Upgrade project. With the existing operations running continuously, it was crucial to ensure minimal interruption during construction activities. This required a strategic approach to carry out the necessary works while maintaining the functionality and reliability of the facility.


Seamless EPG Upgrade with minimal disruption

The project was meticulously planned and executed to minimise the impact on ongoing operations. The majority of the construction and pre-fabrication works were conducted offsite, reducing on-site activities and disturbances. This approach ensured the continuous functioning of the client’s services while enhancing the emergency power capabilities of the facility. The successful outcome demonstrates the commitment of Robert Mann in delivering high-quality projects while prioritising operational continuity.